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The Rules

1. The object of my challenge is to read 80 books from 80 different countries/regions around the world. I am starting in Europe and will finish with North America. Along the way, I need to make sure I hit everything inbetween — Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania/Austrailia, South America, The Caribbean.

2. I am choosing books that take place in a particular country. For example, if an author is American, but his/her book takes place mostly in Africa, then that can count as a book for my African leg.   If a book takes place in multiple countries, then I am choosing the country that it is primarily based in. It is also perfectly acceptable to count recognized nations and territories and islands. 

3. No repeating countries.

4. I will read region by region. Within a region, I will try to move in a direct route around that region. However, I’m free to “fly over” some countries to get to other ones. But I can’t fly back once I head in one direction. (For example, if I’m in Estonia and I go Ukraine next, that’s okay. But then I have left the Baltic states and can’t revisit them later.)

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