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What’s next??!?

January 13, 2011

I honestly have no idea. 🙂

How’s that for build-up?

It’s January 13th and I have stepped away from updating the blog for just a bit — even though I’ve already read two books in 2011 and am in the middle of books 3 & 4. I’ve been busy getting my life back in order and busy practicing my dance moves for the third annual Dancing with the Staff contest that happened on Tuesday evening. I took second place. First was so close I could taste it! But I’m happy with my second place victory because, let’s be honest, it takes a brave woman to wear spandex and a tight white T-shirt reading “BABY” across the belly, and bounce around a stage to Justin Bieber. Dancing doesn’t even crack the top 200 of things I’m passably decent at. You’re looking at the girl who got fired from her tap-dance class. Well, note quite. But my mom was politely asked if she thought “dancing was really my thing” after a severely botched performance of “Button Up Your Overcoat”. Hey, the choreography needed spicing up. Thank goodness America’s Funniest Home Videos wasn’t on the air yet or my little routine would be captured for all time.

This time went a lot better. Being 7 months pregnant allows you a lot of leeway that I’m grateful for. It also is good for laughs…which I’m great for! We had flying baby dolls and a whole bit with strollers. It exists on YouTube, but sorry, I’m not sharing where — you’ll have to figure that out on your own.


Well, here is my 2011 challenge:

1) 50 books this year.

* Yes, it’s a downgrade from 93 by nearly half. And I’m aware that looks like I’m afraid! Well, I am. But here’s the deal: I’ve got a few other challenges for myself besides reading. I have a writing challenge to write every day — even if it’s just a paragraph. Also, with the new baby coming, I think 50 sounds reasonable. That’s roughly a book a week. I’d be happy with that.

2) Spend less than $50 this year on books.

*I’m serious. I have a $50 budget. A dollar per book, you could say. I was going to say spend ZERO dollars on books for 2011, but that doesn’t seem reasonable. I’m going to buy books. But I cannot spend more than $50. I just won’t. I can’t. If I blow that amount by June, then I’m finished for the year.

For Christmas I got B&N gift cards and $50 for Kindle books. I have a $70 Powell’s card from selling books back to them. I can use those. And I plan to first…but once those amounts are depleted…it’s time to dip into the bank account and that’s where the limit comes in. Here’s the thing: I’m taking nearly two months off for maternity leave and one month of that is unpaid. It’s a good year for reigning in my spending.

3) At least twenty of my 50 books SHOULD be from my “sitting-at-home-purchased-and-never-read” pile. I’m talking about books that looked good on a Monday afternoon at the bookstore and didn’t sound as appealing Tuesday when I went to go pick up a book to read. I have sooooo many books at home that I haven’t read. So far, book #2 of 2011 went toward this challenge — I bought Rebecca, started it, and never finished it in 2009. But I read it in a weekend this time around! Pretty excited about that. Great book. Off my shelf. Cost me nothing.

So..that’s it so far! I’m sure I’ll add to it as I go — pick up a few ongoing challenges, etc. But 2011 is going to be a year of reading passionately. Things that really interest me; not things that feel like I have to finish them or die. So, my other goal, I suppose, is that I will be allowed to abandon books in 2011! I’m not on too much of a time-crunch…if I don’t like it, if I don’t love it, I’ll put it aside.

Sounds exciting.

I’m going to skip over a yearlong recap of my favorites and least favorites because, honestly, you know which books I liked and disliked based on the blogs! And time is a factor too.

I know you’ll forgive me.

In the meantime, the first book I read this year was: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Longer blog about it to follow (on this blog for now), but I’ll say that it was a great read! Made me cry and educated me a ton about something I knew nothing about! I book talked it for my students and have a list 10 deep of kids who want to read it now. It is deserving of being on all those “best of” lists.

Back to teaching, resting my weary legs, and reading my first book on my Kindle! A good start to 2011, let’s see if I can keep it up.

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  1. Michael permalink
    January 13, 2011 11:26 am

    My suggestion: forget reading, start training to be one of Justin Bieber’s backup dancers.

  2. January 13, 2011 6:51 pm

    If you like sci-fi, you could pick a different book set on each of the planets of the solar system. 🙂

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