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Book 74 of 80 and Book 74 Completed

November 27, 2010

Yeah, it’s been a busy three days. Let me recap:

Wednesday night Settlers of Catan marathon with brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Finished with some Blockus. Ended evening with Matt temporarily sleeping on couch until we worked on our competitiveness and decided that we are both annoying to play games with. Resolution: I am pregnant, and while I don’t play this card often, if I’m mad about your game-playing, just agree with me.

Thursday  — Thanksgiving. Followed by a little Harry Potter.

Friday brought us eight hours of garage cleanup part 1. (2 trips to Goodwill, 2 helpers, one trip to the dump, six load of laundry: Oldest expiration date on canned food — December 2003.) This day also brought me into craziness with a misguided trip to the fabric store. I’m puzzled by Black Friday deals and scared out of my mind by the people who shop on this day; Joanne’s Fabrics was not exempt from madness — a two-hour wait to cut fabric, and some crazy man in a Raiders jersey buying an entire cart’s worth of camouflage fabric. All I wanted was Sesame Street fabric and some bells. I bought bells.

Saturday seemed to be a better day to buy Sesame Street fabric. So, I did. And while it was still crazy, Matt and I participated in Divide-And-Conquer shopping — I stood in the cutting line, he went on errands for bolts I needed; then he stood in line to check-out while I got my fabric cut. Brilliant. Everyone needs a husband who is willing to go on the hunt for green duck cloth. Then I spent all day making things: A gift for my soon-to-arrive niece, a car cozy for Elliott’s birthday, a Sesame Street blanket for Elliott birthday, a bib. And a mess.

Sometime during all of this…I read a book too.

I went to Ecuador. And I read The Old Man Who Read Love Stories by Luis Sepulveda.

What a great book! It’s super short — just over 100 pages — and it packs an emotional punch. I didn’t know what it was about and I thought that it would be primarily about an old man reading love stories (you know, that seemed like a good guess), but it was so much more than that. At the heart of the book, the old man is in a hunting party following an Ocelot who has had her cubs killed and is out for revenge. It’s touching, it’s simple — it’s a fable, really, and I was sucked into this world and the message. There is a Hemingway connection here; I was reminded of “Old Man and the Sea” several times. But actually…I found this book to be a more emotional read…I thought Sepulveda did a great job of pulling me into the hunt and the old man’s wisdom.

I highly recommend this and you can devour it in two hours; or you can stop and savor (which I did…and I haven’t savored in a long time).

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  1. Carrie permalink
    November 28, 2010 12:33 pm

    hold it, you’re pregnant? i admit, i haven’t been reading your posts lately, but i happened to read this one since you are getting so close to your goal. you’re pregnant?? congrats! when are you due? details, please.

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