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Book 73 of 80

November 21, 2010

Last week, I went to the library to pick up six books I need for the end of this challenge. I placed them on my entryway table. And I left them there.

Then last night I went to go look for those books and the table was empty. Of course, I thought that I had just moved them somewhere absentmindedly and didn’t think much of it. Until today when I started to look for these library books and realized that they were missing. Matt and I recently went on an organizational rampage; there isn’t a nook and cranny in our home that hasn’t been cleaned/organized/dealt with in the past two weeks. So, for someone like me, who is quite adept at losing things in her own house, I KNEW, just KNEW, that the books weren’t anywhere normal.

We looked off and on for the entire morning. I was starting to get panicky and frustrated.

Until of course, we thought to ask our two-year-old this question, “Elliott, do you know where Mommy’s books went?”

At which point, he cocks his head at us and then asks, “Books? Books?” And proceeds to bring us several of his favorite books. But when it became clear that we were looking for “Mommy’s books”, our son gets down on his belly beside the couch, sticks his little hand underneath it, and out slides book number one. He had pushed all six books under the couch — which  I’m sure we would have discovered at some point in our massive search…but…seriously child. (He also stole a piece of pizza from off my plate today and sneaked over to a corner to eat it unnoticed…we are embarking on a whole new set of parenting challenges. It helps that he’s so unbelievably sweet and adorable.)

So, I have arrived in Peru. I’m cheating again a little on this…but it’s book 73 and I am going to just start rolling my eyes if people give me grief for it. I’m reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett and yes, yes — it’s not technically set in Peru, but it’s based on the Lima Crisis and because the South American country is “unnamed”, for my purposes it’s Peru. And that’s that.

I’ve read most of Run by Patchett and it seems like, according to my Book Club ladies, that there are other Patchett novels out there worth checking out. No one there was crazy about Bel Canto and it was not a Patchett favorite; but I have owned it for nearly a year and haven’t read it and when I started the challenge, I knew I would save it for Peru. I feel like it’s a book I should read…and I also feel like it’s one of those books people feel like they should like too. But we’ll see what happens. I’m not entirely optimistic…and that’s a departure for me; I usually start a lot of these books with high expectations. Above all, I hope that I enjoy it enough to keep up my pace. I’ve done really well these past few books and December is right around the corner. (Hey — a couple of snow days wouldn’t hurt my reading either. Let’s see if we can arrange a few of those.)

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  1. Jill permalink
    November 22, 2010 9:22 am

    Wow!! You are on a roll! Keep it up – you can make it. What a great accomplishment, especially as you have nothing else to do in your life! I love the story about Elliott, of course. That bright little boy.
    Love you

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