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Book 70 of 80

November 14, 2010

Is this considered the home-stretch?

I don’t know, but 70/80 seems pretty cool. And it’s been a long time coming too. I mean…I’m in the 70s!

Which means that since I’ve read 69 books up to this point, I feel pretty comfortable in admitting that this one might be slightly cheating. I’ll be reading Alive by Piers Paul Read and I’m using it as my book for Uruguay — even though I’m totally aware that they crashed in the Andes mountains between Chile and Argentina…so, the book isn’t fully set there. (But it does start there and end there and I’m confident that Uruguay plays an important role.)

I’m also pleased that this will be my SECOND book this year about cannibalism. I’ve already told my cannibalism story. And because I told that story to a group of students, cannibalism is now intrinsically linked to my name — a notion I am both amused and disturbed by.

I’m already fairly familiar with this story due to my viewing of the movie version on VHS with a friend from school during a slumber party sometime during the summer before we started high school. It was a double-feature: Alive and Groundhog’s Day. (At another junior high slumber party, I was promised a marathon of Hayley Mills movies. Most people made it through Parent Trap, and passed out midway through Pollyanna. Not only did I stay up through the end of Pollyanna, but I then popped on That Darn Cat! and proceeded to watch it by myself until the mother of the house came down and, assuming everyone was asleep, turned it off. I promptly waited until she was back upstairs before turning it back on. Fifteen minutes later, perplexed and aggravated, the mother came back to turn it off again. At which time, I pretended to be asleep. Then I was too afraid to try it for a second time. I still haven’t seen the end of that movie.)

My memories from the movie Alive are clear: taking a knife to an exposed piece of buttock rising above pure white snow. Okay, upon further review that might be all I remember. But you have to admit: That’s good enough.

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  1. Jill Sherman permalink
    November 15, 2010 8:20 am

    Congratulations! You have done so well – I had fun bragging on you at the Women of Vision conference and talking about the micro loan you did. One of my friends asked for your blog address so she will be checking it out too! I think the rest of the challenge can be picture books!

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