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November 2, 2010

Kiribati. J. Maarten Troost (holy excessive vowel-ness) in his book The Sex Lives of Cannibals has just informed me on page 15 that Kiribati is pronounced Kir-ee-bas. So, apparently, when discussing this book with people and pronouncing the name Kir-i-ba-TI — or, you know, phonetically according to the English language — I’ve been broadcasting to the world my supreme ignorance. You want to be even more confused? The islands were named the “Gilbert Islands” and Kiribati is the local pronunciation of Gilbert.

It just reminds me of this:


The book is billed as a humorous travelogue/memoir about one guy’s experience of packing up and moving to Kiribati for two years. It sounds like you’re typical “I-don’t-have-a-serious-job-and-so-what-else-is-an-American-guy-to-do-but-go-and-loaf-around-another-country-until-I-figure it out” book. Holy Cow was supposed to be funny, but just indeed up totally wretched and awful. But I have read genuinely funny accounts of foreigners living abroad — who manage to embrace culture and humor. I’m hoping this is more of the latter and not the former.

I’m also hoping for a fast and easy read! Samoa was fast, but wasn’t really what I would qualify as cake-reading. I’m kinda ready for something light and fun. Sex Lives of Cannibals seems to be a good choice for that; I hope I like it along the way as well.

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