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Book 66 Completed

November 1, 2010

It’s November and…

the Giants just won the World Series.

Edgar Renteria was the MVP which means there is a good chance our next child is going to be named Edgar. We’re serious about this team — no fair-weather fans in this house…it’s Giants all the time…when they’re losing, when they’re champions. It’s an incredible feeling. And since I’m pregnant and I’m exceptionally focused during games, I immediately starting bawling after Brian Wilson got his third out in the ninth. While I was pregnant with Elliott, the nurses made me turn off Blazer games — I think I’ve mentioned that — because my blood pressure would spike. I’m glad no one was monitoring me this time around; I’m convinced I would have been banished to a blackened, TV-less room.

Just needed to mention that.

So, now on to the book.

Where We Once Belonged by Sia Figiel is a small book, told in small episodes, which tries to paint a picture of Samoa through the eyes of an unwanted 13 year-old girl. As the stories progress, the girl grows older and a fuller picture of her life develops. I didn’t love it, but it did provide me with a glimpse into Samoan culture. It has a nice balance of humor and a dark look at this patriarchal society. There is a lot here — it’s very dense — and once all the pieces start to fit together, it ties nicely into a good overview of this oft-forgotten culture.

I’m sorry that’s all I can contribute for this review. I know, I’m lame. I’m afforded one or two weak reviews, right?

But I’m still riding this World Series high and I have to get back to my to-do list for today…the laundry waits for no woman. I have a rare modicum of energy that I must capitalize on before it disappears.

Kiribati for book 67 and then we’re moving on to South America. Two months of the challenge left…let’s see how this ends.

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