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Book 64 of 80

October 19, 2010

You want to know the best part of this challenge?

Random (and sometimes not-so-random) people sending me book suggestions. I mean even beyond blog comments (which are fantastic too!) — students and colleagues in the hallway; a book with a note on it in my mailbox at school. A Facebook message with the subject: Dominican Republic. And somehow…just somehow…I totally know what that is going to be about.

This book for Australia was actually purchased IN Australia with this book challenge in mind. So, buying me a book while visiting a particular country is certainly one way to gain major kudos and a blog shout-out. So, thanks Suzy for thinking of me! (She’s had two blog references here in three entries. Do I need to be cognizant of sister-in-law equity here?)

For the land down under (our next leg: Oceania — we have officially left Asia. Bye Asia!), I am turning to Tim Winton — one of Australia’s most popular and honored writers. He’s young and has lots of nominations under his belt — he’s been pretty prolific too. And Suzy’s choice for an introduction to Winton’s work is Cloudstreet. (Which, upon starting it last night, has echos of Steinbeck running through its prose, both in terms of theme and the intense sense of place and time.)

I tend to enjoy family sagas — (the Rice Mother, I suppose, a glaring outlier) and so I begin this novel with an element of excitement. Plus, with the exception of Zusak, I’m lacking severely in my knowledge and readership of Australian literature. (If we’re just going by movies made of good Australian literature, I’m doing quite well actually.)

Busy week ahead (and an already busy last several weeks behind me) — I mean…BUSY…but maybe people can start sending me prayers and wishes along this line: That parents will not want to come see me during parent/teacher conferences. I can get some ample reading done during the twelve hours I’m at school on Thursday if I can avoid draining interactions. It’s not that I don’t love seeing parents and getting the opportunity to share what’s going on in class — it’s just that while I’m at school from 7am to 7pm, I don’t get to see my own child for the entire day. And I’ll be missing the Giants game. Two monumental things that, in my mind, outweigh conferences. I’m sorry. That’s not a professional thing to say…but, come on, it’s THE GIANTS GAME! (And Elliott. AND Elliott.)

Doesn’t matter. I don’t have a choice. *big sigh*

Alright, Cloudstreet, show me that I can read 456 pages in four days. Let’s only be three books behind as we roll into November. Shall we? Fantastic.

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