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Book 62 of 80

October 10, 2010

I’m a little late on posting about this book. It’s a busy time — grades are due for midterms on Friday and I have four different assignments that will need to be graded by then. And that’s just for one class. We just put our last paper to press for the newspaper. This week is looking mediocre in terms of my lesson planning — next week, I planned a series of awesome lessons…but forgot I was at my last session of that reading conference. Oops. So, now I need to restructure. In general: School is kicking my tired butt right now. (Let’s not even talk about my classroom’s technology issues right now — since I have no working phone or internet. And haven’t for two weeks. Which makes checking Facebook at school VERY DIFFICULT. Just kidding. It makes EVERYTHING very difficult.)

I’ve also been working on my other job as wedding coordinator. (I got a compliment today from someone who doesn’t know I’m totally a novice at this! Whoop-whoop! Maybe I missed my calling. The woman at the venue I visited today was impressed with my powerpoint and questions.) In addition to projects for the wedding, I also have several craft projects lined up for Elliott’s birthday. All of that is fun stuff though…I’m not complaining.

And, in general, I’m just trying to be a more attentive mom — giving Elliott as much attention as I can possibly give him.  Which, of course, goes to show you that attentiveness doesn’t always matter…because I watched my poor child fall and hit a corner of the coffee-table this evening and gash his gums open. He bled for about thirty minutes all over my brand-new white blouse.

We’ll see if Oxiclean really does get blood out like it promises.

Do I sleep? Not any more than usual. Which, since I’m pregnant, is not enough. But whatever. What mom ever gets to sleep?

Books, books — here we go:

For Singapore, I’m reading Foreign Bodies by Hwee Hwee Tan. I’m already about 100 pages into it — but I’ll save any review until I’m done (aiming for tomorrow evening…not realistic, but I’m a tad behind schedule again). This was one of the recommended titles I received and my library happened to have a copy! So, I was pretty excited to find it.

More later.

Wish me luck with all these endeavors! Grading is my number one priority. So, if I go off the grid on blogging, please know that I’m buried under a mountain of essays.

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  1. October 12, 2010 8:34 am

    Thanks for doing a Singaporean book! It gets some ambivalent responses back here in Singapore too, so go ahead and slam it if you don’t like it.

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