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Book 60 of 80

September 26, 2010

When I’m done with this book, I’ll be 3/4 of the way through this challenge.

We’re heading down, still in Asia, to the Philippines. I’m reading Alex Garland’s The Tesseract — a narrative told through the eyes of three characters whose lives intersect in Manila one night. It’s dark, gritty, and literary…and since I’m new to Garland’s style (somehow having missed The Beach in its book form…I am a fan of a film version…despite my slight aversion to all things Leonardo DiCaprio), I’m looking forward to discovering this much acclaimed author. (I should also add that “28 Days Later” is a fantastic movie (Garland wrote the screenplay) — and I’m not just saying that because Cillian Murphy is hauntingly attractive.)

So, I had to look up the definition for “tesseract” and wikipedia tells me: “In geometry, the tesseract, also called an 8-cell or  regular octachoron, is the four-dimensional analog of the cube. The tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square.” This does not make sense to my brain. Geometry was my worst math class — give me algebra any day. I respect people who get this stuff easily…that was not me. (I do think the word is used often in literature with other meanings. Wikipedia also told me Garland meant to imply something “unknown” or “strange”. Now that I can grasp.

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