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Book 58 Completed

September 20, 2010

Hey! Guess who finished a book in ONE DAY?? Yeah, that’s right: This girl, that’s who.

It really wasn’t a planned event. But last night, I crawled into bed and said to myself, “I’ll read for twenty minutes.” After all, today is Monday and the last thing I needed was to start my Monday tired and loopy. I was determined to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

However, at the twenty-minute mark, Year of Impossible Goodbyes had taken a dramatic turn! And I couldn’t help it…I needed to finish. The US had dropped the bomb…the Japanese were retreating…and you’d think that would be the end, but wham! Russians! (Not really a spoiler. I figure if you’re reading a historical novel and someone mentions an event that happened during that time and place, that’s not really spoiling. Even though I didn’t see it coming; and I can only lob that up as ignorance.)

After the Russians, the book just kept grabbing me and pulling me in tighter. Right when my eye-lids were droopy and I was pretty convinced I could stop reading and go to sleep…wham! Another turn. This time, I had to read to the end to discover the resolution. And so that is what happened. I read for an hour and ten minutes longer than I wanted to originally and finished the book. (My math is sketchy…but I’m pretty sure this book took me under three hours to read. I shouldn’t really pat myself on the back — it’s not like I devoured Tolstoy in a day.)

If you can’t tell, I kinda liked this book. I mean — it is what it is — a children’s chapter book and WWII light. But it didn’t stay away from mature themes completely and the book does a good job of making you fully interested in how this young girl’s story is going to end. The ending felt a tad rushed and some of the deeper, darker issues were covered in a cursory manner. I’d recommend this to a student with a lower-middle reading level and an interest in history. Or, frankly, any adult who wants an easy, but interesting look at Korea’s experiences in WWII.

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