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Book 48 of 80

July 23, 2010

Seriously. Let’s get caught up here.

Hopefully, after today’s two posts, I won’t be ahead of myself any longer! And unless I forgo a nap (I’m a nap fiend right now), I don’t think I’ll finish this book today. And I probably won’t finish it tomorrow either. Busy weekend ahead! First, it’s Matt’s birthday tomorrow. (Happy birthday!) So, I’ll need to be a good wife and help him have a successful/fun day. AND I’m the wedding planner for my cousin who is getting married next March — tomorrow we’re meeting at a coffee shop to go over my giant presentation with all of her decoration/flower/invitation options.

I always thought I missed my true calling in event planning. When I was eight-ish, I created a fake company called “Party Incorporated” and ran it out of my bedroom. My fictitious company planned birthdays, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate events. I created pretend clients and talked to them on the phone; then I’d create a folder for their party and inside would be a drawing of the party location, complete with detailed mapping of decorations (I created my own little key too). We had guest lists and pretend invitations. Then I’d create a catering list and make fake prices. My mom bought me a stack of invoices at Arvey Paper and I’d invoice my clients for everything! My business was booming! My parents were worried that my party planning business was interfering with real life when I’d take “client phone calls” at 2:00am.

My dad, peeking into my darkened room. “Shelbi. Stop talking to yourself!”

“Dad! I’m NOT talking to myself. It’s Jacob Hoffmiester. His little girl is having a sweet sixteen in two days and we’re having a party DISASTER!”

“There’s no Jacob Hoff…whatever. You’re going to wake up Bryce!”

*Crying* “My motto is ‘call me night or day’! My business is built on trust!”

“This father-daughter relationship is built on you going to bed when you’re supposed to.” Cringing, “Tell Jacob you can’t do anything about it now and you’ll call him back in the morning.”

Eventually, I abandoned “Party Incorporated” and moved-on to other lofty adventures — like sneaking food out of my house and hiding it in the yard for the children who lived beneath my window at night. (That might have been from watching too much Peter Pan. But I’m not quite sure.)

Look: For all you parents out there who have severely odd children. There is hope! I grew up to be an only moderately-odd adult. (Imaginative. I just liked to be called imaginative.)

Okay, book 48. I think Pakistan is regularly considered part of Asia. It’s a muddy distinction, but we’re going to bid adieu to the Middle East and say HELLO to the Asian Leg of our journey!! Oh Asia, I love you!

For Pakistan, I’m checking out the popular and ubiquitous Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. For those of you unfamiliar, the general idea is this: Greg Mortenson failed to climb K2 and on his descent accidentally ended up in a region of Pakistan isolated from the rest of the world. His heart was bleeding for the kids there who had no school, no teachers, and tried to teach themselves math in the mornings by practicing multiplication tables in the dirt. So, Greg promised them a school! And the book is his journey to bring that region of Pakistan the school he promised — despite monetary, political, and geographical roadblocks.

This book got pretty mixed reviews (from real readers — newspapers and magazines were favorable) — but there is no denying that its content is pretty cool. From what I can gather, Greg Mortenson had zero money or credibility — only a dream to build schools. At the heart of this story we get evidence that one person can make a difference. I’m sure that’s why this book was so popular.

To Pakistan we go…

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  1. July 24, 2010 7:44 am

    Muddy distinction? Pakistan is definitely Asia. It’s classified under South Asia with India all the time. And don’t forget, it had plenty of Hindus before partition.

    (Are you gonna do Sri Lanka as well? I’m not sure if my rules will allow me to.)

    • July 24, 2010 7:57 am

      Yeah, some of the research I did led me to believe some people want to categorize it in the Middle East. I’ll admit to not being too familiar with South Asia.

      Yes — I think I’ll hit Sri Lanka in three more books! Anil’s Ghost is my plan for that one.

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