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Book 46 Completed

July 22, 2010

Okay. This might have been cheating. But I liked Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi. Not as much as her Persepolis books. But it’s a good little addition to them. (As a matter of fact, some of these stories felt like they could have been added to the other volumes.)

This super small book (107 pages) took me roughly 30 minutes to read/look at. And that was even with Matt’s requisite “minimum of 10 seconds per page” rule. So, if it was a particularly slight page, I had to linger to admire the art.

Because it’s super tiny, the graphic novel left me wanting a little. I wanted more stories! More female silliness — more secrets. In some ways, this book felt like a multi-generational-Iranian version of Book Club. (If we took away the books, added some tea, and sprinkled in some tears. I don’t think anyone has cried at Book Club, yet. I said “yet”.)

I found Embroideries to be a small glimpse into modern Iran. Because of some of the other books I’ve read, the glimpse into the Middle Eastern love life wasn’t quite as shocking — faking virginity, arranged marriages, ugly-jerky-cheating husbands. While some of the issues these women talk about don’t appear as much in the Western world, it’s also nice to see that women and men — no matter where they live — are strikingly similar.

Read this on a bus trip to work. Or in a waiting room of a doctor’s office. It’s funny and it’s good.

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  1. July 23, 2010 1:34 am

    I do actually feel like she ran a bit dry after her Persepolis books, which were way better than the movie. Chicken with Plums and Embroideries are okay, but nowhere as rich and interesting as her autobiography.

    You know what I wish she’d do? I wish she’d write about the Iranian legends that she was originally gonna turn into a theme park with her ex-husband. She could interweave those with stories of her personal life.

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