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Book 46 of 80

July 21, 2010

A funny story. Sometimes when libraries say they have books, they don’t. Okay. I know. Not really funny, per se. But the comedy of errors in me trying to get my hands on a FREE copy of Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi proved to be a week-long exercise in futility. All library copies were checked out or had gone missing. (Gone missing! I expected the librarians to turn over every shelf in an effort to find this book. I was met with zero-enthusiasm for that idea.) An attempt to pirate a copy (I didn’t do it! — don’t judge me!) via online shareware, also failed. Of course, Matt and I had grand plans to go to Powell’s, station me in the coffee shop, and not leave until I had finished one of their copies. But…well…life got in the way of that master plan. (Life: Kid. Not feeling too hot. Something involving poop. No need for details.)

And I came to conclusion that I was going to need to…big sigh…give in and buy it.

Here I was. Two days and nothing to read. (I’m late on the blogging…but caught-up on the reading.) I started to get anxious — a nervous twitch in my eye started sporadically going into huge spasms. I. Needed. A. Book.

A trip to Powell’s would have yielded me a copy for $9.50. Fair enough. I’m due for an eye-brow wax for the same price. I suppose I could forgo the brows (God help us all) and spring for a book.

But then…I discovered: Kindle for MACS! I downloaded a Kindle to my computer, one-click shopped my on and (Jessica — you’re gonna be sooooo proud of me!!!) BAM: Seconds later, Embroideries was right there on my computer. (Yes, yes — this still constitutes BUYING it. But for cheaper than the used copies at Powell’s and the bar at the bottom tells me how much more I have to read in an-easy-to-figure-out percentage. Take that!)

Now, I can’t take my computer with me to the bath. And I have a feeling I’ll be reading a good deal of this book while “Follow that Bird” is on in the background. Also, Matt lamented that this reading challenge has afforded him hours to read various Giants blogs (you know, the baseball team. Not blogs about actual giants. This is a book blog afterall, didn’t know who I needed the clarification) and if this “reading on the computer” thing becomes a staple, he might actually have to pick up a real book.

Wait. That’s not fair. Matt’s been reading both David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day as a bathroom book (four more trips and he’ll finish it — he announced) and Sloane Crosley’s I Was Told There’d be Cake at bedtime. (I finished the latter a few days ago and have been meaning to blog about it — I liked her essays a lot. It helps that I can recognize a lot of myself in them too.)

Anyway, I picked Embroideries for two reasons. One: I liked the Persepolis books a lot. I own them. I re-read them on occasion. And I was interested in checking out some of Satrapi’s other work. Two: In an effort to mix up the genre, I thought reading a graphic novel would be fun. The story is similar to Girls of Riyadh — only in the sense that this is a book about Iranian women sitting around and talking about sex and relationships. I think it’s cool to read about the strong female bonds that form with storytelling.

Bonus: I’ll be finished with my little Kindle experiment by this evening. The book is short! (Matt says — a short graphic novel is cheating. I say he can shove it. I’ve put in my dues with some monsters earlier on.)

Pretty cool, huh?

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  1. Jessica permalink
    July 21, 2010 9:23 pm

    YES YES YES!!!! And any Kindle books you buy on your account will transfer to the free apps on Kindle for PC, Kindle for Blackberry, Kindle for iPhone/iPodTouch, Kindle for Android and of course, an actual KINDLE, because I know you will be buying one. It is only a matter of time… .bwa hahahahaha! “Books in 60 seconds” has to be a great temptation for you, Shelbi!

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