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Book 41 of 80

July 8, 2010

It’s time to venture north to Turkey. I was fully committed to reading something by Orhan Pamuk. However, I was equally fully committed to not spending any more money on the next few books. Unfortunately, for a girl with a time limit, I couldn’t wait for holds. And I wasn’t interested in the titles available at the three libraries within distance to a) my house b) Matt’s work and c) my parent’s house. Seems like Pamuk is a popular choice among library-checker-outers.

So, I settled for my next choice. (Third choice actually — my first choice was a book called The Flea Palace which isn’t available at any library. Or local bookstore — I would have sabotaged by “borrow only” rule for the next couple months.)

That choice is Bliss by OZ Livaneli.

And — God bless you library — I had to check it out in Large Print.

More on the Large Print experience later. I’m beach bound!! And I’m ONLY packing this book and nothing else.

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