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Goodbye Africa!!

July 4, 2010

Tomorrow, I’ll post an update on Book 40 — both the halfway mark of my journey AND the first book in my Middle East leg.

Which means that I am leaving Africa behind. (Which is funny…because as I leave Africa behind for this challenge, two members of my family are actually IN Africa, for reals. That’s right, I said for “reals.”)

Africa has been great. It’s been depressing at times, enlightening at others. This amazing continent has taught me so much and opened my eyes. I know that I will return — to read more from the authors I fell in love with, to experience different countries. We’ve done a lot this trip. 17 books. A MicroFinance loan fully funded. We’ve given money for wells, clean water, nets and medicine to help fight against malaria.

In term of reading, I’ve found some favorites and discovered some real awful books too. (I’m looking at you “The Sapphire Sea”!)

Here are some fun statistics about this particular leg. (I should go back and do this for Europe too.)

Books by men: 13 – 76%

Books by native Africans (born in Africa): 12 – 70%

Non-white authors: 9 – 52%

Fiction: 82%

I’m impressed with that second statistic — and, for the record, I didn’t count Fuller in there because she was born in England, even if she did move to Zimbabwe at the tender age of two. So, in terms of reading authentic African literature, I’m content with my balance.

So, as I mentioned (and anyone with a map can tell), we’re off to the Middle East (with a small jaunt to Russia).

Africa, it’s been amazing. See you on the flip-side.

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  1. jillsherman permalink
    July 4, 2010 10:44 pm

    Thank you for visiting this amazing continent. And for all the fund raising which helped so many. You are incredible! Sent from Africa, with love.

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