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Book 37 of 80

June 16, 2010

Happy Wednesday readers!

Well, it’s mid-June (but…where is the sun?) and I’m actually plugging along fairly well. Even amidst giving finals, finishing up grades, and cleaning up my (messy) classroom, I’ve been staying on schedule with reading. I’m excited about this next book…primarily because I am going to read an African author again!

I’m borrowing this book from Sunshine, who recommended it highly. And she has kept asking me when I’m getting to “her” book (I love it! I love that language — a recommendation that implies ownership; lots of people have said that too and it makes me smile).

Since we’re going to Kenya, it makes perfect sense to pick up Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s book A Grain of Wheat. By the way, if you were wondering how to pronounce his name and you were looking to me for help? You’re SOL my friend. Already, I can see the similarities in style with Sembene Ousmane’s God’s Bits of Wood — and while the plot might sound familiar (Kenya on the verge of independence, a struggle for identity between colonizers and the native Africans – interwoven stories, myths, political commentary), each country is so unique that I’m sure this won’t feel like more of the same.

Exciting stuff ahead too — the end of my African leg is near. The current dilemma is what I’m going to do about Russia. I can’t seem to seamlessly get there from the Middle East or Asia – I should have read my Dostoyevsky book back when I was in Eastern Europe – Estonia and then Russia. Bam. But no. It was a mistake. I thought, while looking at a map, that since most of Russia was technically located in Asia, I’d just read it during the Asian leg. But what I was too idiotic to realize at the time is that the parts of Russia located in Asia are mostly uninhabited! Therefore, there aren’t a lot of options for novels set in north eastern Siberia.

And now…I think I might SKIP Russia! **Gasp** Would that just be criminal? To skip a country whose landmass is unrivaled in square kilometers (ohhh…the metric system — how cosmopolitan of me) across the globe?

I suppose I have a few books to figure it out.

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  1. Toni Cole permalink
    June 16, 2010 1:50 pm

    Don’t skip Russia! You can get there from Georgia or Azerbaijan and be in the inhabited Black Sea part of the country. Alternately, there are probably some Stalin-era Siberian work camp books out there.

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