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Book 36 of 80

June 11, 2010

I’ve had this book for a couple of years. I would start it and it would overwhelm me, I’d slip my bookmark into the pages, and retire it to the bookshelf. I remember sitting in the bathtub crying after reading a particularly gruesome scene.

But I knew from the beginning of this challenge that now would be the time to finish it. Even though I know it won’t be an easy read…but so many books in this around the world adventure haven’t been easy.

We’re going to Rwanda and I’m going to read the non-fiction book We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families by Philip Gourevitch. It is a collection of stories from the Rwandan genocide compiled from interviews and firsthand experiences. I know. Heavy stuff.

Reading about Rwanda should be mandatory — which is why I’m so glad that a fellow teacher at my school is trying to acquire a handful of these books to use in senior English classes. I think this book would be interesting for our students to read too — timely and closer to home.

Side note: On my trusty little June calendar, I am slated to start book 36 tomorrow! So…I’m now, temporarily, one day AHEAD of schedule.

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  1. June 12, 2010 9:15 pm

    I read “Baking Cakes in Kigali” last year. Pretty good, I thought, but it was very much like the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency style. Anyway, this is better, since you’ll be reading stuff written by Rwandans.

  2. June 12, 2010 11:37 pm

    I read about that one — I felt like between the No. 1 Ladies’ book AND The Wife of The Gods book, I’d be well covered in that genre. It’s still on my list to check out though!

    This current book is really heavy — a hard read, but rewarding so far.

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