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Walk for Water

April 17, 2010

Today was Walk for Water — a partnership with World Vision and Water Africa that raises awareness about Africa’s drinking water shortage and the long walk many Africans make every day to gather water for their families. Matt, Elliott, and I, joined Jill and Attie to walk the 1.5 miles. We walked first with empty buckets, then we filled them and walked back to a dumping station. 

The statistics about drinking water in Africa are startling. Here are some I think you should read:

– Over 80% of disease in developing countries is due to poor drinking water.

– 1.6 million children die every year as a result of diarrheal diseases caused by unclean water. 

– The average weight of the water carried on an African woman’s head is 40 pounds.

– 40 billion working hours are spent carrying water in Africa.

– 11% more girls would attend school if good sanitation was available.

– The average distance an African man/woman walks to get water is 3. 75 miles.

I would encourage you to donate to an organization committed to bringing clean drinking water to Africa. My aunt’s Hands of Hope organization is a good one; I will also be giving to World Vision. If you want to give to the wells in Zambia that we raised money for today, you can give through their website: A $35 donation gives clean drinking water to a Zambian for the rest of his/her life. Will you pause to let the weight of that number settle in? Matt and I spend more than that a month on pizza.

Thank you for letting me talk to you today about this. Reading about Africa is not enough. (But in reading news: I’m almost done with Secret Son now — all I needed was some time to breathe and I did much better with it. Look for the review tomorrow.)

Here are some pictures from our day:

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  1. Jill Sherman permalink
    April 17, 2010 5:15 pm

    Thanks for the plug for this – so dear to my heart. Loved walking with you today.

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