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French Day: Part 2

March 28, 2010

(We’re watching a French movie AND drinking aforementioned French wine AND are about to indulge in some dessert crepes. A perfect way to end French Day.)

Here are some fun facts about French Day, in case you were curious:

– 5: How many bottles of wine I picked up that “sounded French” that were, in fact, Italian.

– 2: The number of eyeliner pencils it took to fully create Matt’s (exceptional) French moustache.

– 4: Types of French foods sampled at St. Honore’.

– 10 minutes: How long it took me to gain up the courage to put on my beret and red scarf in a VERY crowded cafe.

– 2: Odd looks received for dressing in costume and taking pictures.

– 6 minutes and 45 seconds: Time spent in Target buying a beret before heading to breakfast.

– 3: Things we tied to the surrender flag before deciding on a dish-rag.

– 30 minutes: How much time it took us to find our DVD of “Amelie” because we, um, cleaned the house. Funny how that works. 

French day — it’s been fun. Ciao. Oops. That’s Italian again. Ummm….au revoir.

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  1. McFaul permalink
    March 28, 2010 7:36 pm


    I am really glad that you are my friend.

    AND — I miss the old title–our book club IS better than all other book clubs!!! 🙂

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