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Book 20 Completed

March 26, 2010

I’m indifferent toward this book. Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it. If I had to lean one way or the other, I’d lean toward hate, but I’m pretty solidly stuck in the category of apathy. Girl with the Pearl Earring was plain boring and unimpressive. I mean, considering the fact that Chevalier had free-reign with the story she created, I guess I’m impressed that she managed to make the story so bland. There was so much potential, but the themes didn’t seem to build to anything fantastic. And in terms of the writing? Eh. (I just shrugged there, if you couldn’t tell.)

To be honest, I’m kinda confused at the glorious praise this book receives. Somehow, I’ve missed my calling — I need to just write some non-compelling literature, throw in some unconvincing sexual tension,and  place the book in a historical setting. Bada-bing: Millionaire. Some people have commented on the author’s exceptional research abilities. Right. Everything she gave me about seventeeth-century Holland and Vermeer’s life, I found on wikipedia. 

I’m not going to fully hate on this book because I didn’t waste too much time with it — it was short. I finished it super fast. There wasn’t any effort and so I can’t be angry at spending roughly three hours of my life on one of the most yawn-inspiring protagonists I’ve encountered on this journey around the world. Griet, the title character, has no sense of humor (something I can’t relate to either in literature or real life) and if she was passionately in love with Vermeer, I needed more than a vacuous stares and a brief lick of his finger. And Vermeer remained a pretty empty character too — if he loved Griet back, I needed more than him staring. And staring and staring and staring. 

My overall rating is mediocre. I won’t yell at people who tell me it’s their favorite book, but I won’t recommend it either.

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