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Book 15 of 80

February 25, 2010

Today would fall into the “BLAH” category. Busy, rough, wanted to punch some kids. (I always say that. I won’t actually punch a kid. Let’s all be quite clear about that. Even if some of them need punching.) It was just NOT fantastic overall. Didn’t have my finest teaching moment either…but there are some successes that can out-weigh the bad parts too. I won’t complain.

But I am on book 15. So, we’ll celebrate that! It’s time to head to the Czech Republic. And guess what? I’m gonna read some Kafka. I have NEVER read any Kafka. For some reason my studies never required it of me (and, as we’ve read, unlike Matthew…I would have given him a chance). I do know a fair bit about The Metamorphosis since it is required reading for seniors at my school and I have often helped a former student edit his/her essays. Does that count for anything? No? Well, I thought I’d try. 

Anyway, I picked up this book and read the back and it made me think of my friend Sunshine. She’ll know why. So, I’m reading it for Sunshine! I’m 100% positive that this book is going to frustrate me in a GOOD way — in the kind of thinking way that makes reading so awesome. I hate things that are unjust — I get all verklempt when people struggle and no one helps them. There is so much in this world I wish I could fix — I want for equity and I hurt for people without a voice. I’ve read a lot of that already and it’s not going to get any better when I leave Europe and go to Africa. Or the Middle-East. And that’s most of my year right there. Yikes. Maybe I need to be on the hunt for some Middle Eastern chick-lit. What about a book like, “Does this Burka Make My Butt Look Fat? And other funny tales.” Come on. How does that book not exist yet??

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  1. McFaul permalink
    February 26, 2010 11:22 am

    I heart you Shelbi!!!!!!!

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