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Go Poland, Go!

February 22, 2010

Here is a line from In the Memory of the Forest:

“She could not concentrate on her book, a gloomy Polish novel, plucked virtually at random from a shelf in the library.”

Hmmmm. Art imitating life?

I did have a hard time concentrating on reading this weekend and I was surprised that my absence in the blogging world was missed. Well, by 2 people. But I’ll take what I can get! (And, no. One of those people was not my mother. But thank you anyway.)

I’m about halfway through ItMofF for Poland and it’s a really good book — but it’s dancing around a certain level of intensity…like watching a “clapping-meter” during a late night TV show taping. It’ll push up toward the red zone and then fall back down into green, bounce around yellow. There is something dark and sinister at play, but just when it starts to really get my attention, the scene will shift.

In other news, while the Winter Olympics are still on, I have decided to cheer for the players who are from the country I’m reading. Which means, of course, that I’m cheering for Poland. I’ll cheer for the US first, unless I think the Olympian strikes me as a giant D-bag. Which, I’m in a personal debate with myself over which group of Olympic athletes — summer or winter — fosters the most non-heroes? Discuss.

(Side story for the day. I think Mike Patterson will appreciate this. I wanted to insert a picture of the Polish ski jump guy who won the silver medal. I went to google and typed in: Polish silver. Google popped up with its list of suggestions and the first one was: Polish silver with aluminum foil. And I thought, “What? Is that some prejudiced dig? Saying that instead of silver the Polish use aluminum foil? I thought Polack jokes were so 1980s!” Then I realized it was supposed to be polish. Pawl-ish. Not Pole-ish. Right. I know. I’m like a smart/idiot hybrid. Like a labradoodle, but not as cute.)

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