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January 31, 2010


This is where Zorba spent all day Sunday.


It’s February tomorrow and so month #2 of reading adventure starts. 

But I’m starting to drag my feet and tonight I suffered from full-on “Reading Challenge” angst. Maybe it’s because I’m finding SO MANY other awesome books I want to read that don’t fit with my challenge or maybe it’s because I’m finding Zorba the Greek less than engaging. The book is really well-written and the characters are detailed…but there isn’t any plot yet. Is that a broken record yet? Maybe no books have plot anymore…

No matter what the problem is, I have lost my supreme gusto after only a month. (Note: It’s only a loss of the supreme. I still have gusto. Me = gusto.) And that’s more than a little depressing. It could also be, in fairness, that I just endured finals week and had piles of grading to complete. You reach a certain point of complete brain-shut-down after reading horrible essays. Although, one girl did offer up this gem. “The most important thing I learned from JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye is not to fart in church.” 

I promise I’m going to pick up the pace again. However, I think there is a part of me that loves planning the challenge more than actually executing the challenge. So, my post-it covered map is a lot of fun; my endless hours on various websites and blogs as “research” is fun…but slogging through a book I would never read otherwise isn’t as much fun. Maybe I just hit a slow patch – Eastern Europe was a bit of a bust and I didn’t go into Greece fully committed. I have some intriguing prospects down the pike, so, maybe I need to employ some power-reading and slog through this current book. Fine. Okay. I’ll go grab it from bathroom…

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