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Book 9 of 80

January 26, 2010

I’m 10% of the way through my challenge — slightly ahead of schedule.

Now I am headed to Bulgaria! The book is called Natural Novel by Georgi Gospodinov.

It’s another postmodern experimental novel. Why do I keep doing this to myeslf? However, unlike Things in the Night, this book seems more readable. No linear-plot, but there were three whole chapters (they’re short chapters) dedicated to toilets. Including one chapter that highlights toilet stories from Quentin Tarantino movies.

I started the book last night after finishing Dracula. I read it while the new Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (cue song) was on in the background. I was watching for the sheer excitement of waiting for Gia’s cheek implants to explode.

After watching for the second time this season, I have decided that women on this show must have an interesting screening process. The producers ask them: “Are you crazy? Are you vapid? Can you stare doe-eyed and cry on command? Welcome aboard.” I totally want to go on that show. I’d be there to represent the average girl. Have any short-legged, curvy girls made it? And by curvy I mean: Haven’t lost the baby weight and still wear belly-bands to fit into my jeans.  Oh wait, did someone just remind me that I’m married? Well, a girl can dream to be an F list reality-show celebrity.

Back to my reading!

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