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An update on my reading

January 22, 2010

So, I’m about halfway through Everything is Illuminated.

Am I enjoying it? Good question. I’m just going to have you read the following quote from the book (I apologize in advance for this):

“She used her thumbs to pull the lace panties from her waist, allowing her engorged genitalia the teasing satisfaction of the humid, summer updrafts, which brought with them the smells of burdock, birch, burning rubber, and beef broth, and would now pass on her particular animal scent to northward noses, like a message transmitted through a line of schoolchildren in a childish game, so that the final one to smell might lift his head and say, Borsht?

I’m quite sure that this author just described a 14 year-old girl’s vagina by saying it smells like soup.

And now I’m going to continue with my day. Feeling as uncomfortable as I did yesterday when I read that. Maybe Jonathan Safran Foer’s writing class at Yale slow clapped for that sentence when he shared it with them. Oh, I can see them all now. “Jonathan, ohhh, you’re so clever. Soup! Ukrainian soup too. Brilliant. BRILLIANT.” Let’s toss in alternating chapters filled with malapropistic foreigner and call it literature.

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