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Book 6 of 80

January 14, 2010

I’m skipping Finland. I really wanted to get most of Scandinavia into my little reading adventure, but it seems like no one in the Portland area has any love for Finnish literature. There is this book that is supposed to be really good. It’s called The Year of the Hare. I’m not going to read it, but it shouldn’t mean that you don’t have to.

This whole Finland debacle has made me realize something about my journey — I’m going to have to plan ahead more. Some countries have limited options and if a book sounds good and it’s hard to find, I need to give myself time to find it. Here is something else I’ve learned: There is amazing literature out there that hasn’t been translated into English. Translation work is hard, intense, and should be rewarded more. In my humble opinion, the best translation I’ve ever read was Kafka on the Shore.  Phillip Gabriel (who has translated several Murakami books) and his translation partner Mehdi Ghabraie need an award.

That is ALL beside the main point, which is: I’m in Estonia.

And the book is Things in the Night by Mati Unt. The description sold me at this point: “…loquacious cannibals, seductive werewolves, witches in limousines and bomb-toting revolutionaries…”

It looks fascinating in content and form. It’s odd to pick up a relatively obscure book and hope for the best.

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  1. Jill Sherman permalink
    January 14, 2010 3:36 pm

    I am loving you blog – I always smile when a new entry pops up – which it does with amazing regularity. I really do not know where you get the time to read and write and still do all the other amazing things which occupy your life. You may have be the woman of 2010 too! Loved being with Matt and the boy at the mall today. Elliott was so adorable just trotting around and loving the space.

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