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What have I gotten myself into?

December 31, 2009

Seriously. As soon as I decided to share with people that this was my 2010 Reading Challenge, I immediately regretted it. These thoughts went through my head: Who is going to remember that I said I’d do this anyway? This was stupid!! 80 books. I read 50 books this year and my baby slept most of the time. Now, I’m the mother to a running, screaming, toddler? And I’m supposed to fit in 80 books…a little less than 7 a month. A book every 4 and a half days. AND teach. AND write. And. And. And. 

Right. So…I thought of backing out gracefully. 

But I’m nothing if not crazy committed to things that ultimately don’t matter. What better way to make sure I finish than make the whole thing public? 

Along the way, I’ll be sure to throw in some day-in-life stuff. Maybe we can start a counter for things I do in any given year. How many times do I drop a book in the bathtub? Should I tally the money I spend on books? Actually, for the sake of my marriage, I’d better not.

Thanks for coming on this world-wide journey with me.

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